Production Location Safeguarding through Individual Automation

Automated processes in the industry help to increase the productivity per employee
and to minimise the number of error-prone or health-damaging
processes for employees and to make their life more pleasant. This helps safeguarding workplaces
and make companies successful for the future.

Processes can be automated. But a standard solution
is rarely enough. Eichenberger
Automation has focused on individual automation solutions
specialized in the construction of special machines. The company
combines standard robotics, linear or
conveyor technology with individually designed grippers,
devices or complete special machines. The
process know-how of the customer merges with the
automation know-how from Eichenberger, which adds to the
individual automation solutions.

Eichenberger Automation implements every project from the
Project planning up to the handover of the complete machine.


The company also provides engineering services on request
on an hourly or project basis. With flexibility, quality and innovation,


Eichenberger is the reliable partner for the automation of processes.


With a fair pricing policy Eichenberger Automation strives to develop good products
at an affordable price.


Article in FOCUS Successfull Industry February 2019 TA

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